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One of the strongest element that makes Brunes successful is the qualified and committed staff. That is why we keep investing on the human capital. There are around 300 employees who are part of the chain of Brunes’ stores, starting from the sales representatives to the administration that is on continuous improvement to offer the best. We try to create value to our employees, taking care of their wellness not only during work. We offer very comfortable working environments, satisfying salaries, trainings in Albania and abroad, bonuses and promotions to celebrate the achievement of great results. We take care that  our employees be satisfied so in that way they will work with devotion and they will do their best for themselves ,the company and society. We are a big family that work together to fulfill our objectives and aims with mutual faith and respect. Brunes offers great career possibilities for all them who love to work, who are committed, loyal, ambitious, motivated and have the desire to grow professionally. Brunes, is the ideal place to work if you want to get personally and professionally developed.