One of the dilemmas, we always face when we have to paint the interior walls of the house ,is the right choice of colors. Even when we choose colors, just before to start to paint , doubts arise again over how the final result will be.

Before you start this work, you need to know that colors have different roles and different effects. Some of them establish more light, others make the environment look more spacious. There are colors that give relaxation to eyes, stimulate more positive energy and enthusiasm. Based on these facts, the choice of color of the walls should be driven by a compromise between personal tastes and effects that colors have on the people or the environment.

For a better result , some architects and researchers suggest that the color of the environment should be linked to the function it has. Have you ever noticed that you feel more energetic in the kitchen than in the bedroom? This different sensation can be reached through colors. How? Discover it below!

The kitchen is the place where the whole family meets at key moments of the day, where meals and important conversations are consumed. We advise you to use warm and vibrant colors at the cooking and eating place: red, orange, yellow are three perfect examples. It is said that the red color has a psychological effect on the increase of appetite, orange promotes social interaction with family members, while the yellow color has a positive effect on metabolism.

Living room

At the living room is suggested to use colors that promote a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. It is quite favorite the color lavender, which promotes a feeling of serenity and relaxation and is highly recommended for those who have a pretty dynamic life. If you use the living room as an office, consider trying green color at the walls: it helps remaining focused at work and generating new ideas.

The white color is also quite perfect to create a welcoming environment. In some cases, its use creates the idea of a larger environment. Even though it seems a brave choice, the grey color remains a good alternative. It gives a more modern style to the whole environment.

At the end of the day, all we ask for is a good sleep, in order to wake up relaxed and positive the next day. For the bedroom is advisable to use light and sweet colors; various shades of blue and light blue help relaxation and increase the imagination power; green promotes a sense of harmony and peace.

For children’s rooms, are advised combinations of open blue shades and green, also other pastel colors; to stimulate silence, imagination and positivity.

The toilet is an area of the house that needs to convey the sensation of cleanliness but we should not underestimate the importance of the use of pleasant colours. This space of the apartment fits best with solid colours. Add character to a toilet with a carefully thought through combination of accessories. Recently, colours like mauve, violet or electric blue are in fashion. The best idea is the combination between gray and black colour.

A variety of choice, without losing the quality

Despite the colors we choose, for better results, we should not overlook the quality of the paint. The best advice we can give is to choose a resistant paint that matches the type of area where it is applicable.

Have you ever tried the Pinto paints?
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If you combine at best your personal colors preferences with environmental specifications and qualitative paints the finalization will be really unique.