It is scientifically proven that a pleasant working environment stimulates productivity and optimism to employees. This applies to every aspect: from relationships with colleagues, to the way how the offices are decorated.

In fact, offices or studios are places where many of us spend most of the day. Everything happens or the relationship we build inside these places greatly influence the quality of life. For these reasons, it is very important the way of their organization and interior design.

Here are some tips to transform your working environment into a more productive and stimulating environment!

Modern style = Relax
How to distinguish a classic and old office? It is very simple: large furniture, a heavy decor and gloomy colours; elements that belong to a time when at the offices represented authority and excessive seriousness.

On the other hand, a dynamic, creative and at the same time professional environment characterized by a more minimalist style: light furniture, elegant elements, bright colors and good lighting.
The feeling? Relax and positive energy.

Arrange the spaces by the workplace typology.

Before you start with the interior design, you must first think about how to arrange space. During this process you should take into account the workplace typology and routine actions.

For example, if your employees have to cooperate all the time with one – another and at higher rates, they should not sit at isolated tables or you should not place barriers (glass or wooden walls) between them. This complicates the work process and increases the energy costs. On the other hand, if you talk often on the phone with clients or if employees have specific tasks that do not require much interaction, the office can be arranged in a way that might allow more space to everyone.

Give importance to quality and do not save money on your next furniture purchase.

Everyone has worked in or has visited an office that has cheap furniture. In these cases, beyond appearance, what we notice is the total absence of comfort and functionality. The office furniture should not be cheap if you want to avoid physical disturbance or reduction of productivity and creativity.

How to choose the furniture?
While imaging an office, the first thing that comes to mind are desks. An ideal desk should have the appropriate size and should enable employees to perform their duties in a more comfortable and effective way. It can be a wooden or glass desk, which provides more light and a sense of purity.

Chairs are another key element. They should be much more comfortable, resistant, ergonomic and height-adjustable, especially for those who work on the computer.

Beyond the unique design and resistant materials, if you want your employees or partners to always feel good, take into consideration the ergonomic chairs. They are innovations that do not only increase productivity, thanks to the sense of well-being when we sit on them, but also help in keeping the spine in the right position and keep away the physical ailments.In fact, you can even choose completely unconventional ergonomic chairs, ball shaped, which help in muscle flexibility, without losing the pace of work.

Relax your eyes!

Even though we do not pay much attention to them , lighting and decor elements greatly influence our mood and productivity at work.

A careful lighting design is essential in a work environment. The optimal solution would be a spread and adaptable light, which does not blind you.

. It is preferable to use energy efficient light bulbs, with warm colors rather than cool ones, like white or almost blue.

The colors we use for office walls have a special significance. They greatly influence the mood at work. The ideal colors that transmit energy remain still the pale and lit as yellow, orange or even warmer and relaxing as beige. However we should not completely eliminate the cold colors but should be careful not to cause sleepiness or stress.

Humour comes from … decor

Even though the decor should always fit the type of office, there are elements that stand every style! For example carpets, lower plants (why not, even exotic) or coloured curtains, add vibrancy to all kinds of decorations. Special care should be taken in the combination of these elements, since the effect may not always be the desired one. Do not forget to put your best works or certificates that prove your professionalism up on the wall in some elegant frames.

Our suggestion is to reflect the image you want to convey about your office and then start to decorate. For example if it is a law office, select the elements that reflect the organisation and professionalism. If you are an entrepreneur that operates in the field of design, photography or marketing try to decorate your office in a more artistic way: full of colours and even using furniture of a transgressive style.