Shipping & returns


Product delivery

Delivery of products will be performed within 15 days from the day after order confirmation from Brunes. In case of absence or delay, you will be notified by Brunes to postpone the deadline for delivering. Client is free to choose whether wants to accept or cancel the order. Product delivery can be carried out only on the territory of the Republic of Albania. Delays in products delivery or order failure do not mean compensation of Customer or its suppliers.

Client undertakes to take the delivered products on its behalf or on behalf of the person to whom the order is carried out at the address given by him during the order performing. During the delivery, the Client or authorized person must prove his identity and show the order confirmation which contains the order number and authorization in case of withdrawal by a third person.

During the control of the products delivered, if the client finds out that the wrapping or product packing is damaged, the products are missing or damaged, the Customer must describe all the remarks written in the act of receiving and obtain the signature of the carrier and will keep a copy of the document. These remarks should be clear (determination of damages) in order to be considered by Brunes for the replacement product.

If Brunes or transporter cannot deliver products because customer’s fault, such as respecting the schedule set for the delivery of products, lack of communication of particular conditions of access, the Client loses the right to refund delivery costs. The costs of returning the product will also be deducted from the refund of the product price. If the client wants another delivery, he is obligated to pay in advance the delivery costs. 

Order cancellation

The client has the right to cancel his order, in case when Brunes does not accomplish the delivery conditions predicted in the above point, announcing via email at or service telephone number +355698000098. The request for cancellation will be considered by Brunes only if the preparation, submission or delivery of ordered products did not happen under the terms described in these Terms.

For the above cases of cancellation, the Client will be compensated for the payment made within a period of 30 days since the request is received from Brunes.

Return of the product

Pursuant to Article 37 of Law 9902, dated April 17, 2008 "On consumer protection", the Client has the right to withdraw from the contract without penalty and without giving any reason, within a period of 14 days from the date of delivery of ordered products.

Product must be returned to the address specified by Brunes, with packaging and encasement, not used and accompanied with all accessories, instructions for use, documents proving the purchasing electronically and return authorization form completed ; if the product is not delivered in a manner described in this point, it will not be accepted by Brunes. Transportation costs for the return of cancelled orders will be covered by the client. 

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