Is it time for new tiles but all offer the same expensive an inaesthetic models? Can’t find qualitative construction materials?

Have you bought the apartment of your dreams but you are stressed because you do not know where to find the right furniture? Do you think that comfort and style can coexist but you are getting tired to find the right sofa?

Agreed! You should not get so much stressed or tired. We can find solutions to all these problems in a single way, or more precisely in one place. Where? Where else ?! Brunes Lezha!

Why do we hate farewells?

For all those who are looking for qualitative materials to renovate their home or business, just go to the Brunes gallery in Lezha. You can find products from Dekoll factory. Starch, scratch, grout, self-leveling, plaster filling, waterproofing and thermal insulation system, all manufactured by the latest Italian technology. It is such a great level of resistance that we fear that you will not come back at us. You will not have the need to reconstruct for too long.

Who walks barefoot, goes further

No one deserves to be hobbled, as from one distributor to another, looking for tiles and parquets. At Brunes Lezha you can find brands such as Marazzi, Pamessa, Parador or Kaindol. The latest trends always associate with quality materials and great designs for the eyes and for your feet. Practically, you will fall in love even if you are a “down to earth” person.

The sofa first!
Many of us have mixed feelings over the sofa that we want to put in the middle of the living room. For some this is the most beautiful moment of the day, for others it is the element that unites the family at the end of the day, and there are many of those who see it as a personal taste. In short, we all want to feel comfortable. Desiree, Chateau D’Ax or Samoa! Do you know them? Brunes gives you the opportunity to experiment with your tastes and desires: textiles, colours, modern style and assistance from the bests of the sector.

You can’t sleep today
Just have moved into a new house or simply have renovated the bedroom and want to create the ideal environment to rest? Do you have in mind a space where energies can be recovered and circulated in harmony with your lifestyle? Are you looking for class, a mix between modern and classic, or you like more minimalist tendencies? What if we say again that you can find all your preferences in Lezha Brunes? Alf, Santa Lucia, Flow and many other elite brands are part of the elegant catalogue of Brunes. You’ll admire it!

Where?! Quality shows you the way
After more than two decades of experience Brunes has already become a prestigious international brand, thanks to the traditions established in the customer service and of course due to the variety and quality of items. Since 2009 the company operates in Lezha, turning quickly in landmark for thousands of clients throughout the north. An exhibition space for the hundreds home and business articles, where anyone can stimulate itself.

If you live in Lezha and Shkodra or in the surrounding areas and are looking for a modern space that enables you to achieve the best design for your environment, you will find it very easily.

Brunes is the right road to quality. You can find it away the urban noise, in the 6th kilometre of the national road Lezha – Tirana.