Autumn is the period of warm, rich and comfortable colours.
From chocolate into golden yellow colour, from deep orange to scarlet red. If you follow the advice below all these colours can be present in your environment.

The colours of Nature
Transform your dining room and give it a more elegant appearance. The combination of brown with lighted yellow creates a wonderful contrast that reminds us the exact view of the brown colour of the tree and yellow leaves. Food tastes better in the presence of the colours of nature.

A bright spraying
If your walls have a neutral colour, a warm spraying is needed to give the fragrance of the season, without losing the modern style of the interior design. The Chateau D’ax Moon sofa preserves the style and the variety of colours allows them to always follow the trend of the moment.

A contrast of colours in your kitchen
Be inspired by the unpredictable nature, which always combines balanced colours. Follow these rules in the interior design of your kitchen ,as in this model brought by Febal Ice Industrial Edition. Yellow in green furniture get softened by the elaborated brown colour of the surface and casements, evoking in this way the feeling of autumn forest.

Drastic colour combination
Another trend this fall is the drastic colour combinations. Through luxurious but sophisticated compositions, “Minerva two tone grey bed” bedrooms bring an elegant Italian touch. Choose colours that reflect light and details with chrome profiles, which give a sense of modernity and luxury.

For an inspiring autumn …
If you put adjectives for seasons, the winter would be cold, spring would be vibrant, summer would be bright and autumn would be … inspiring. There is no better comparison than with books.

In this case, the books come as a additional decor of the environment. The colourful covers bring the touch of seasons into your living room. Combine them with a library such as “Zalf Domino”. Its bright colours highlights the books and the other details on the shelves.